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What is new?

Here you can read about any change in the progam or modalities. Shortly before ordering a license, issuing a change request, or writing a review, you should take a glance at this chapter, to find out whether you need the newest demo version. Dear customers, note that you will normally not be mailed to announce new versions!

Your mails are still very welcome, even if you are not a customer yet and only know the demo version. Please use the current address as found on the imprint page.

The current version is 2.10, build 001. All customers (and testers) are offered and recommended a free update*.

Feb. 25, 2023 Version 2.10: Many details of the user interface have been redesigned, for better compatibility and ease of use.

April 01, 2018 The section of this website containing user reactions is now to be found on the main page, hopefully encouraging participation.

Nov. 29, 2016 Version 1.09. The price has been cut considerably. New account data.

June 20, 2012 Version 1.08: The built-in "primitive" synthesizer has now been radically optimized for quickness of response.

May 22, 2011 Version 1.07: Constant improvements of compatibility with various operating systems and language environments.

June 30, 2009 Version 1.05: New email address! The spam fighter employed previously proved too rigorous. If your mail has gone lost (all respectable mails that actually arrived have been answered within a week), please accept our apologies. Now you can find the current address on the imprint page.

Feb 18, 2009 Version 1.04: A piece of music is now allowed to reverberate past its logical ending. Other improvements.

Dec 12, 2008 Version 1.03: Most importantly, the data required to issue your licence now only consist of your name and the day number of your birth date; the month is no longer needed and deleted from all existing records, to satisfy the wish for even more protection of your privacy.—Some improvements, including better Linux (KDE) support.

Oct 18, 2008 Version 1.02, build 010: A user reported failure of the help function. That error, which only occurred in certain constellations, was fixed the same day.

July 8, 2007 Version 1.02 is released, featuring horizontal scrolling in the notation diagram, and positioning by clicking there.

April 26, 2007 Version 1.01 is released, which can read MIDI files directly out of Zip files. Improved timing.

Nov 10, 2006 Build 002 of version 1.00 is released, with improved Macintosh support (Mac users: please read the remarks in the “Java” frame on the page System!).

Oct 12, 2006 MidiCond 1.00 goes online!

Current prices

  • The price is now € 10 (ten) per license, including 19% German VAT if applicable. If the price changes, it will be announced here three months in advance. If an invoice is required inside Germany, e.g. for VAT refund, the price is € 12 instead of 10. For customers not liable to German VAT, the amounts given are netto prices.
  • Also, updates will be free* unless announced otherwise here.
The contract conditions apply as stated in the help function of the demo version.

Note that the account data are currently not stated explicitely in the help function of the demo version, in order to prevent abuse. Instead, you are asked to send an email asking for them. (Experience shows that many potential customers prefer to have some email contact before payment anyway.)

*Update offers are subject to the reservations mentioned overleaf. There you can also read how to order a license.

Bugs, change requests

Here you will find any important known bug of the current MidiCond version, also important change requests and plans. Before reporting anything, get the newest version, read its help texts and the following, please.

At the moment no bugs are known.

Mac users: please read the remarks in the “Java” frame on the page System!


In future some links may be published here, if suitable for MidiCond by contents and style. Sponsors may ask, but should be prepared for critical selection. Active contents are taboo.


Cordial thanks to

  • the musicians who accompanied the development of MidiCond, trying out patiently and contributing valuable comments; to name but a few: the Mannheim hornists Prof. Peter Arnold and Thomas Berrang, Kapellmeister Wolfram Koloseus of Mannheim Nationaltheater,
  • the authors and sponsors of Java technology (Sun Microsystems), and the authors of many tools about,
  • all clients supporting MidiCond not only by purchasing, but also by making oral and media propaganda, e.g. placing links on their homepages.
May the music be with you!

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