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Demo version

The small print

All rights at MidiCond, including idea, realization and user help, are property of the author. The copyright is claimed for all its innovative functionalities; their transfer into other products requires written permission by the author Dr. Alexander Scheutzow, Berliner Str. 20, 68161 Mannheim, Germany.

No promise of functioning or innocuity is given, not even for characteristics of MidiCond specified on the homepage or in the help texts. Therefore no legal claim about errors, damages or support is accepted. Changing or adding to the original files is not permitted. All this applies equally to demo and licensed versions.

Place of juris­diction is Mannheim, Germany, unless provided against by law. If any of the contract clauses should be legally void, it is con­sidered re­placed by the permissible one whose content comes closest to it.

The demo version of MidiCond, though free of charge, is subject to copyright. It must not be used to other than test purposes, in particular not for public performances or durable productions, not even indirectly. The following obstacles have been built in compared to the full version:

  • if you open a (longer) MIDI file, MidiCond will read only the beginning
  • no options or other usage data are stored on any data media or read from it, thus they are forgotten at the end of the respective session
  • saving your conducting to a new MIDI file is disabled
The program file must not be passed on, except directly after downloading to personal acquaintances without internet access. Otherwise refer to this homepage, please. Bear in mind that any executable file, in particular of doubtful provenance, may be contaminated with “Trojan horses” (“Trojans”)! It is one of the lesser hacker arts to implant sophisticated damage functions, which the victim and the virus scanner will not discover for quite a while, into Java files especially!

Have you checked all requirements mentioned on the page System? In particular, are you sure you have Java 5 (= 1.5.0) or higher installed (on any computer, not necessarily with your browser)? Then, at last, you may

click here to download the demo version of MidiCond!

You will receive a file named MidiCond_Demo.jar, of less than half a megabyte. Normally you can run it by simply double clicking the file symbol, or right-clicking and selecting something like “Open with Java”. Otherwise open a command shell (= command line), change to the respective directory, and enter

java -jar MidiCond_Demo.jar

(if necessary, consult help texts or experts for your operating system). The MidiCond help will tell you how to continue. Good luck, have fun!


License conditions (extract)

The license defined here is bound to a natural person, called licensee. The implied rights are granted lifelong and cannot be transferred or bequeathed. (Different license forms, e.g. for institutions, require separate contracts.)

The license is valid only for the MidiCond version received in connection with the payment. Claims derivable from this can concern only such characteristics that were fulfilled by the demo version with the same version number in the same environment and which do not have a quantity character (e.g. memory size).

A MidiCond full version is to be used only in physical presence of the licensee, either in the same room or open-air within hearing. Also no more than three executable file copies of it are allowed to exist at the same time, including update files.

Whoever acquires a license thereby commits her/himself to the best precaution possible that nobody else obtains the associated program files, neither completely nor in parts or transforms.

Mailing your order data constitutes a contract offer, of which there is no right of revocation (German Civil Law, § 312d(4)1+2 BGB). If however your order is rejected, the contract is void, and any payment will be transferred back.

In order to overcome the restrictions of the demo version, you must acquire a license. There is only one way to order it:

It is neither necessary nor possible to “register” a demo version, its role is finished with the act of ordering.

Extensive measures to ensure data protection and confidence are described in the help function.


Presumably from time to time a new version of MidiCond will be issued, also for error correction. The conditions may change then. Probably some updates will be offered free or at a reduced price to those who prove their license. However, no claim for this is admitted. Any license about which there is a suspicion that the program file was not kept secret (in particular if several orders arrive for it or the file was sighted with unauthorized persons, possibly modified) will be excluded from updates, even without law-proof reasons! Legal actions against contract violators or pirates are reserved in addition.

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